Lessons I Learnt From a Client

Here are a few lessons I took from a client while working for them. I hope these are only a FEW from many many more to come.

1. Started with a Failed Attempt: They started their entrepreneurship journey with a failed attempt, but later changed tracks and reinvented themselves. They struggled initially but later on figured how to make things happen.

Lesson: So Entrepreneurs, it’s okay to have a few “issues” here and there. What matters is the attitude to fight and survive.

2. “Job” Comfort “Monetary” Comfort is a distant dream: They don’t know whats in store for them in the future however their spirit keeps them going. They are out there to create their destiny.Tirelessly working day in and day out to make their dreams come true…..

Lesson: Rings that feeling? This is not really a lesson, but a comfort feeling that yes here are the future leaders of the industry…

3. Passion never ceases: Using your entrepreneurial skills to fulfill your passion towards cricket and football (sports)..?? Heard of this..? You will hear it soon…

Lesson: Do what you love, and love what you do. Have a goal and put all your energies in achieving the same.

4. Persistence: ….

Lesson: One of the most vital qualities needed to succeed in business.

I can draw the same lessons by looking at Sachin Tendulkar. For startup’s these pointers should help…

The path chosen is correct, way to go guys, all the best from Team Propelis.